A Lot to Thank for

It’s been rarely the case that I have taken some time out and thanked the Universe for what I have become. I go through my daily life – the routine and the interesting parts; the necessary and important hours; the forced wastage of my time; the relaxed moments – without stepping back a little and reflecting on what I have come to be and How.

So much to thank forLife has been good so far. Had a decent upbringing, Got some accomplishments to be proud of my education, Have a varied set of interests to keep me occupied, Have a great family to keep me happy, Have a job that keeps me interested in the world, Have friends who make me laugh…Yep, pretty good stuff.

I have a lot to thank the Universe for.

  1. Thanks for Mysore. A quiet, idyllic town where I grew up. The people were okay, but the town had a feeling of calmness around it. This town showed me that happiness can be present even in the small huts and a limited budget family.
  2. Thanks for Maths. A subject so lovely, that I am hooked on to it for life. Maths helped me earn most of my achievements in life.
  3. Thanks for my Family. You held my hand when it mattered. You let me free without much restriction. You took care of my responsibilities and let me play.
  4. Thanks for low cost education. When I studied, education was so low cost that I recovered my entire spending of my bachelors within 2 months of my first job. My Masters’ spending took just about a few more months to be recovered.
  5. Thanks for the competitive environment. Particularly my 2 year Management course. You taught me to aim high. You taught me to think sharp. You taught me to behave.
  6. Thanks for my mistakes. They bring out my imperfections.
  7. Thanks for the way my Marriage is going. I am enjoying it.

…  and this is only a partial list.

I love you, Universe and here’s wishing that you continue loving me.


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