What is your job about?… What do others think your job is about?

I have worked in 3 companies in my life so far. I have held 5 different positions in these companies. Each role has had its pros and cons as I saw it. Looking back at these roles, it seems that there was lot more ways I could have leveraged my position than what I thought possible when in those roles. And that gets me thinking a lot.

I theorize that a particular job looks a lot better to a person who is looking at it from outside than someone who actually has it. There will always be elements of your previous work experience where certain elements could have been better and you could have done something towards that end.

I have come to accept this truth about any career – “The state of your current job can always be better.”

A fallout of this theory is that, there is such a thing called a “dream job” only when you don’t have it. It exists only when you are looking at it from an outsider’s perspective and ceases to be when you actually get it. I believe Nature intended it to be that way – Unless people are looking forward, within their frame of reference, to a “dream job” or an “ideal state”, they won’t be motivated enough to pursue them. And this contributes to making the world a better place – by making people become better themselves.

I have changed roles when I felt that the possible outcomes of my existence in those roles have already reached maximum potential. All those evaluations were based on my own understanding and perspective of the role.  Every time I tried to move on, I was requested to stay back for some more time. Possibly others felt that there was more to my role than what I thought of it. I never thought it appropriate to ask people what they thought of my job and its possibilities.

How do others look at your job?But recently whenever I have explained a little bit about my role, I ask people what they understand of my role. What I listened to has opened many new possibilities to ways I can have greater impact in my role. It has made me think of my job in a different perspective.

In return, I have made a resolution that whenever someone complains to me about their job, I ll think through what their potential outcome can be before saying “Change your job”.


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