Endgame – 1

Here’s an end game that really bothered me for 15 mins.

White to play and win. (50 moves without mate, capture or pawn advance is a draw)

After 10 mins of struggling with it, I realized that I have to let go of the pawn to win. So I have to win this with a king and rook ending.

The moves I finally came up with
1) Rh1 Kd7 2) Rh7+ Kd6 3) Kc8 Rc2+ 4) Kd8 Rb2 (It has to, since any other move will advance the pawn to a queen) .. 5) Rd7+ Ke5 6)Kc7 Ke6 7) Rc7 Rf2 8 ) b8 Rf8+

9) Kb7 Rxb8 10)Kxb8 …
I then took 15 more moves to trap the king in a corner and mate


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