Being taken for granted

2 of my favorite products/ services definitely pissed me off today. One was “Google Toolbar” and the other was “Radio City 91.1”.

I have been using Google toolbar for about 2 years now – totally loved the buttons that could connect me to gmail, reader, shopping, news and docs in just a few clicks. I appreciated the simpleness of accessing all my google products into a toolbar. And then, I just found out that google toolbar is responsible for secretly installing Google Desktop search on to my machine. I totally hated this, having had a frustrating experience with Desktop search. It’s a product I don’t need at all and hate it that it hogs CPU time. I am fairly organized when it comes to my files and don’t need a indexing service to search them. So much is my hatred towards desktop search is that I decided to uninstall google toolbar altogether.

Radio City 91.1 – the local Radio channel – has a lot of good programs. I listen to it for an hour during my commute. But today they played a single commercial for a continuous 5 minutes. And this happened thrice! Extremely irritating!!! The commercial was just 15 secs long, but they played it 20 times in a row. THRICE!!! I don’t know the rationale behind this. Probably the marketing guy felt that he will get more customer visibility if he runs the ad for a long time instead of smoothing it over different times of the day. But as a user, it pissed me off.

Its easy for me to get angry and stop using these products. I don’t directly contribute to each products’ revenue. I don’t think either of them care that I am no longer a user. That’s fine by me.

I am going to work today with an added learning – Don’t take your users for granted, even if you don’t get paid anything in return.


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