what kind of a Product Manager are you?

Question: Your Product is a Printer, which is bought by companies and installed on their network. How do you figure out if the product is being used regularly or not?

Answer A: Prepare a user survey and get permission from the companies to be distributed among employees. Collate survey results.

Answer B: Come up with a Hardware/Software upgrade, which counts the number of pages printed via the machine. Offer the upgrade for free to be installed on the printers/ user machines.

Answer C: call up company contact and ask them if they use the product regularly or not.

Answer D: Go to the company admin department. Figure out how many reams of paper or Printer toner they bought over the last few months.
A = Marketing oriented
B = Engineering oriented
C = Customer Account Management/ Sales
D = Quick fixer

You need all kinds of people in this job. Their effectiveness, though, will be judged by the situational requirement.


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