Google’s Body Browser

Google Operating system announced the addition of a new application to its Labs list – the Body browser!

Firstly, it’s a 20% project by a Google team (Free hugs for them all!)
Secondly, it’s a Google-maps type of application for the Human body! Lets you zoom in through layers of the body.
Thirdly, it’s free. (as Po said: There is no charge for awesomeness!)

Check out the Demo of the product in Google’s blog.

Now think of the awesome stuff you can have with this going forward (apart from the obvious online reference to Anatomy students):
1. Make a customized version of my appearance, based on my body measurements.
2. Integrate my Google Health profile to provide “life” to my customized version.
3. Enable physical sensors integration to provide “Movement” and “live diagnostics” (Lots of add-on apps will come up from this)
4. Twitter integration to provide visual of what you are doing right now. (“At the coffee shop” -> Drinking coffee.)
5. Google Latitude Integration

Seriously, the Nerds are going to inherit the earth!


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