Product Management is all fun and games…

Until you figure out

1. Your product just lost a bid on a prestigious tender and the winner quoted a price that is 40% of your final price.

2. VoC was done with a particular customer segment, the product was built for a different segment and sales folks are approaching an altogether different customer segment.

3. Your products do not last longer than 8 months after installation, because of a low quality component that was sourced from china, as part of the company’s new sourcing strategy.

4. One of your customers has invited you to his office and starts yelling about your product’s shittyness and in the middle of the conversations tell you “by the way, did I give you permission to sit? Just stand up and listen to me.”

5. Your customers have started complaining that it was more economical for them to continue having their old problems rather than use your product.

6. Your marketing team and Engineering team don’t want to be in the same room; Sales team doesn’t want to listen to your suggestions.

Not all of these are my personal experiences. I hear lots of stories that are etched on product tombstones. Probably some of the world’s best products have died unnecessarily, because a few people messed it up royally.

It is fun to go about imagining a new product. It is great to be building a new one, to see it taking shape. But when company and market dynamics start messing it up, the days are just outright depressing!


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