Developing Interesting Analogies

A product manager should explain something complex in simple, understandable terms. This helps in explaining VoC outcomes, documenting market requirements, creating marketing collaterals, briefing leadership about current status etc. Coming up with interesting analogies helps a lot in setting a common understanding to complex situations.

A few years back, when I was a die-hard fan of the game Age of Empires, a friend of mine found it difficult to understand the various military units involved in the game. I explained it through a “Rock-paper-scissor” analogy and he immediately picked it up.

Here are a few examples of good analogies.
What is Net Neutrality? Explained through a Power grid example.

If the Universe is constantly expanding, what is it expanding into? Explained through basic understanding of Euclidean geometry.

How do you explain the differences between Judaism, Christianity and Islam, considering they have lots of stories in common? Explained via movie series

What caused the last recession? Explained through visualization

Now, Can you explain the complexities of your product using an interesting analogy?


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