Quora: New wine, Old bottle?

Quora has been around for a few months now. I first took notice of it when I started receiving notifications of my friends’ Quora answers through twitter feed. Probably this techcrunch article announcing its launch didn’t get my attention.

My initial reaction to the site was “meh, another questions and answers site? Whats so new about it?” and even after days of curiously running around the site across various topics, my view towards it hasn’t changed much.

Ok fine. It has a promising team behind it. But why a Q&A site? You have a bunch of sites confusing the heck out of people already, why need another one?

Ok fine. It has an intelligent user base. The answers are of higher quality. Well of course it does, its beta was private and user growth was based on invite-only. Thanks to the founders reputation, most of the initial users were Bay area folks who talk technology and business. You open it up to the average users of facebook, you won’t be having much quality later on. Same thing happened with Linkedin’s Q&A feature – Great answers initially, then totally lost its quality of questions and answers.

Ok fine. You get brownie points for providing high quality answers. Well then, these brownie points die down after a few months. Same as the “Karma” points in Reddit or the “Best answers in…” in Linkedin.

Ok fine. We get to follow Questions, users, topics. I particularly am following threads related to Product Management. But people are still asking the same questions around in different forums. The answers are more or less what you would expect.

Is this site helping its users? Yes. It gets them in touch with top quality people in the Tech world.

Is it solving anything? Nopes.. not to a major extent.

Is it innovative/ disruptive? Not so far.

I feel its a “Googlewavethingy” product – Hyped launch, very very niche users, Benefits not really apparent.


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