Chess is boring!

…Well , actually maybe not fully boring, but slightly boring!

I am good at chess. I have beaten the computer in Chessmaster at the hardest level. I do indulge in that game with quite a few folks as a past-time. Its a good introduction game to learn strategy and game theory. But it gets slightly boring!

The players do start at an equal level, but by the time 20 moves are made, it will be clearly visible who has upper-hand and who is most likely to lose. Now ,unless the player with the upperhand makes some colossal mistake, the rest of the game is about how many more moves are required to complete the game. Which is what makes the game slightly boring.

So, the intent of chess has mostly become
“1. Get an upperhand by gaining a pawn or two.
2. Go for a drastic power exchange while maintaining the pawn lead
3. Use the pawn lead to force an outcome.”

Replace “pawn” with a minor power like “knight/Bishop” and you have most of the game’s strategy that is being played out there. This results in Chess being a “Who makes the first blunder?” game…even the latest world championship between Anand and Boris is turning out that way. Check out the 8th Game ( ), which I feel Anand didnt actually win, but Boris made a blunder by taking a cheap shot at the rook. The game was over even though 28 pieces were still on the board!

I am currently working on a game that makes Chess more enjoyable.

The focus of the game is:

1. The game’s outcome must remain unpredictable to a large extent even if one player has an upper hand in terms of pieces.

2. The game mechanism must ensure that each player gets a boost to be back in the game.


I am currently developing this for the Windows phone and the App store. It will be nice to user response to the same. More updates to follow.


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