Data for the “sake of data”

The most annoying thing I find in News is the usage of random data points – just for the sake of “Supporting data”.

Take the Following “News” from Times of India, Bangalore Edition, 5th August, on the front page.

“Live-in relationships breaking up at a rapid rate in Bangalore”

… and the supporting data point for this, from the article?

“The number of cases of break-up in live-in relationships was 30 during 2011-12. This rose to 42 between April 2012 and March 2013. With an average of six cases reported every month, the number is expected to double this year”.

So, we are arriving at all our conclusions from 30 and 42 points of data Year over Year??
For a population of 10 Million??

I think there was scope for some discussion if they hadn’t mentioned this “supporting data”. After reading through that, I didn’t even feel like going through the rest of the article.


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