There are no Ass***es

There are no Assholes!

These are just people who are faced with one or more of the following
1. wish to safeguard their own career.
2. are afraid of drastic changes.
3. have very limited knowledge on some topics.
4. have to make decisions with very limited knowledge.
5. are foremost worried about their well-being.
6. have conflicting goals.

These are normal human professional constraints which end up in behavior that impacts others.

I came to this realization when I got a call from a manager I used to report to. This was someone I used to hate working for.

During the call, the manager mentioned “Ram, I am sorry things didnt work out your way when you were working for me. I had no agenda to block your proposals. At that time, when you were proposing I had no idea of the technology that you were talking about and frankly I didnt have time to read about it. I had 2 choices – let your proposals go without understanding them and risk a screw-up later OR Find some faults in the proposals to buy time to understand it more. I chose the second. I never re-visited the proposals at all due to time constraints and hence they remained permanently blocked. I am sorry if that was a bad phase for you.”

Its the same with every other professionals that we have a fight with. Nobody is out there “to get you”. Nobody lives their life to make yours miserable. Nobody has the time for concentrating only on you.

Its up to you how you work around roadblocks – whether they are people or processes or systems. YOUR career, YOUR hands. There are no assholes.


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