“Love everyone , Trust a few and paddle your own canoe”

I never found the source of this quote, but it brings a lot of peace every time I repeat it in my mind.

The quote is a simple summary of a lot of realizations of life.

1. Life is an ocean which is too vast to comprehend. Everything that is there, everyone that you see is but a tiny part of the vast ocean. Each has its own story, the same way your existence has a story and each story is just as vast as yours. Love these other stories just the way you love yours. Understand why something exists, what is it doing and where is it headed.

2. Understand that you are not alone. There will always be people who will like you, who you will like, who will walk along with you, who will guide you, who will support you. Seek these people out and surround yourself with them.

3. No matter who you are with and what you are doing, understand that your story in this world is very very unique. So unique that only you fully know and understand it. Make sure that your story is an ongoing meaningful story, an interesting story, a happy story. Not to showcase to others. Not because others are watching and certainly not because that’s what others are doing. But for yourself. Because the story you are building is for your own consumption. Nobody Else will know the full extent nor understand the essence of it. Hence spend a lot of time paddling your own canoe.


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