The itch of Entrepreneurship

A lot of people I know, claim that starting a new company is easy and that anyone can do it. They believe that having an idea of a product is half the work done. I however believe having an idea is just 5% of the job done.
yes, anyone can come up with ideas for businesses. But what separates them – the fundamental quality required for successful entrepreneurs – is perseverance.
Its my firm belief that not everyone can create a company that works.

My little daughter is growing her first tooth and hence has a tendency to bite anything she gets her hands on. Her particular favorite are milk biscuits.

We keep the biscuits in a sealed cover in a transparent box.

For quite a few days now, she has been trying to open the box as she can see the biscuits inside. Even if she eventually figures out how to the open it, she doesn’t know yet that there is another level of complexity to overcome – the sealed cover.

Nothing in her life so far has prepared her for the dynamics of the box. But she will learn. She will figure out how to open the box somehow. what will be interesting to see, is how she reacts when she figures out the box and then encounters the sealed cover. The dynamics of the sealed cover is totally different from the box. Its an entirely new challenge. and all this while, she can clearly see her favorite biscuits through the box and the cover… she just isn’t getting to taste it! The only thing that is going to help her is the perseverance with which she pursues the biscuits. Will she continue her quest for the holy grail of milk biscuits or will she turn her attention to something else? We shall see…

Much of entrepreneurship is exactly like this. The early tooth you grow is very much the Itch you have for Entrepreneurship. You have a great Idea. But getting to enjoy the fruits of this idea, requires you to go through multiple layers of unknown, un-forseen stages of complexity. while most people give up the idea midway, the ones who persevere will finally get what they started.


2 thoughts on “The itch of Entrepreneurship

  1. Very true. Many people have the itch for entrepreneurship but once that itch turns into a persistent rash, they begin to wonder why they bothered with scratching the itch in the first place. Entrepreneurship might seem fun and sexy but while you are at the bottom trying to dig your way up there is nothing sexy about it.

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