Embracing change

When Microsoft changed the menu structure in its office suite with its MS Office 2007 release, I just couldn’t get the hang of it. My familiarity with the menu bar of the 2003 version wouldn’t just let me accept any new way of representing the tool’s options.

MS office 2007 was force installed by our IT admins on our laptops. It was a whole week lost in confusion. “Where’s the format menu??” I would scream within my head. “What is this monstrosity? Who designed this thing?”… Years have passed since then.

Today I had to go to an internet cafe due to some problems with my home internet connectivity. There the machines had MS office 2003. “Ah, the old thing” I thought, reminiscing about my younger self. Within 2 mins, I was already screaming “where the heck is the track changes option?? And how do I change the page orientation?”

This might be a boring example for, how temporary our comfort zones are and how our daily conditioning induces irrational behaviour. Now that I look back, the whole resistance I offered against upgrading to 2007 seems inconsequential.

But nevertheless, it reminded me again – Never resist Change. In any of its forms, whether small or large.

Organizational change can be good or bad – maybe only for you or only for your group or for your entire department. Embrace it as it comes. By making you get out of your comfort zone, it is actually trying to make you better.

and in many cases, like the MSoffice 2007 upgrade, the change will be inconsequential in the long term.


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