The Everyday Magic in our lives

One of the earliest memories of my childhood is the one where my father used to keep me on his lap and sing this one particular song – “Chinna Chinna Ooraniyam” – A tamil song by Kannadasan. It used to be always this one song, over and over again. I might have been 2 – 3 years old then.

Its a very touching song about a mother sparrow and its baby. When the mother bird is away, the young bird tries to fly and drops out of the nest. The song then details about the plight of the mother when it returns and finds its baby missing. The intensity with which the mother worries is very well captured in as few words as possible.

Over the years as I grew up, my relationship with my father became strained due to a lot of circumstantial and family reasons. We had a troubled relationship till he passed away in 2006. However, I just couldn’t shake this earliest of my memories that I had with him.

I tried to search for this song a lot, so that I could listen to it. But try as I did, I could never find it online. I wrote in community forums, searched on Youtube and even pirate sites, with no luck. My mother could neither recollect the lyrics nor the instances when my father used to sing it. In the absence of my father, the song became a very personal memory with me being the only one who remembered it in the world. I shared this with my wife on how I miss that song and have forgotten the lyrics and that it was one of the few happy moments I shared with my dad. It was just not available anywhere in the internet. Years passed by.

And then, it happened. My wife excitedly sent me a link on YouTube “Is this the song you talk about?”… and yes it was! Someone in the world had uploaded it a few months back and it had a few hundred views. Google had indexed it. The uploader had provided a link to the song on iTunes and the song is now commercially available.

Here’s the song

I watched the song. I cried. A lot. It took me back to the days where I was still a baby and sitting in my father’s lap and listening to it. It was a wonderful closure for me and my childhood memories.

Why do I bring up this incident?

Paulo Coelho famously said in the Alchemist “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”. It is so true!

There are engineers and teams working on Youtube, making the platform easy for people to upload and share videos. There are strangers like Easwar Gopalan, who upload videos they casually like. There are your close friends and family who share their life with you and know what you want…and the magic happens.

And this is not the first time that I have to thank the universe for all the help I have got. The universe of unknown and random people continue to “collude” and “conspire” to bring such magical moments in your life. All it requires on your part to make the magic happen is Perseverance and Faith. We are on this planet for an average of 70 years. That is quite a LOT of time! A lot of time to go through these magical experiences, to learn, to impact others through our actions and leave a mark on the world. If you need inspiration, all you need to do is look around and see these magical moments happening live around you.

May the magic continue.


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