My Wife Vs The Superior Lounge at the airport

My Wife says I need to slow down and learn to enjoy the moment.

I always thought “Well, Easy for her to say… I have only 73 things to focus on right now.”


I sit now in one of the posh lounges in Delhi Airport waiting for my international flight, where I am flying business class, thanks to my employer.

One can easily get used to the luxury of the upgraded Business/ First class. You are the first to get into the plane and the first to get out. Baggage comes early. You can bypass queues everywhere, or atleast they are much shorter. The access to lounges gives you free high quality food and not to mention free high speed wifi and comfortable couches. The flight experience itself is so smooth with so much leg space, proper sleeping posture and the superior food…Flying business on someone else’s money (ha!) is definitely worth it!


It took me a total of 40 mins to reach the business lounge from when my previous flight landed. In this 40 minute timeframe, I have rushed through queues, looked at TV screens for information, asked 4 security personnel for directions, deviated from the general section to go to the lifts, went to a wrong lounge on the wrong floor, walked through a long, narrow alley, went to the right lounge, completed the formalities, figured out the extra steps to get wifi access, set myself next to a TV screen so that I can keep track of departures and have finally “settled down” on a comfortable couch with a internet connected laptop on my hand.

And so, here I am, sitting in a corner of the lounge and thinking of what I am going to be doing next and then the next thing after that and so on. My mind seems to be always busy – thinking, planning, typing, analyzing, assessing, re planning at the same time all the time…


And in this whole ordeal of trying to get to a internet connected laptop in a lounge room, I missed out admiring some of the beautiful architecture in the Airport; there was a 2 member music band who were playing live soothing music; Observe people and how they go about their lives; or just plain look out the window to see planes taking off! No sir, no time for all that… gotta get to that internet connected laptop in a lounge room. And once you get there, you are already thinking of the next thing, planning for it, assessing your resources, optimizing for time…


Well, STOP!


Maybe, my wife is right. I need to slow down. We all need to slow down. We need to understand that, while our lifespan of 70 years is a long time, it is very short in context of how big the world is and how much of each thing there is. There are 7B+ people on earth and yet we are all but ONE species. Scientists reported that 1 trillion species are estimated to be on Earth currently with only 0.001% described. Two weeks ago, we found 7 other planets which could potentially have life like in the earth. We are but insignificant. It makes a lot of sense to stop, observe, explore, experience and enjoy!


Aptly enough though, the background music in the lounge is playing the instrumental version of “Hum jo chalne lage” from “Jab we met”. In the song, there is a verse which roughly translates to “As we travel on this road to our desired destination, the road seems more desirable than our destination”. Maybe thats what Life is about… It is the journey and not the destination that matters.


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