Poker @ Vizury

I have been playing poker for almost 4 years now. I think I got immersed into the game about the same time I got into Big Data – which I believe is a natural order. If you love Big data, you will appreciate Poker.

One of the first things I did after coming to Vizury is to set up a Poker club. We are a group 15 people in this 150 employee company, who take Poker seriously. The quality of folks is awesome, right from our Campaign Operations folks, Engg Leads, Account Management team, Data Scientists and us PMs. Its finally good to get a good group of players where bets are made based on the odds and not on bluff (although some of these folks maintain a good poker face when they are bluffing).

Ram - Poker Face

Ram - Happy Poker Face

Playing Poker with this group has been much more enriching than the online gaming clubs. I have been able to hold my own after around 4 months of intense sessions.
Lets hope the fun times continue.


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